Are you lovestruck?

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for people who keep it real.

Sure, we take some pretty sweet pics and flix but the real reason why you're here is because LoveStruck specializes in fun maximization. We want you to spend less time doing formal stuff and more time living your best life. Your wedding day has taken a long time to plan and at the end of the day we really only have 5-6 hours with all your guests who traveled from all over to party with you. Our goal is to make sure your photo + video experience is simple, quick, unobtrusive and stress-free so you can be with your guests instead of in front of our camera all day!

We're everyday, down-to-earth young people just like you and we like to keep it real so bring on the crazy family members, the unruly children, the messy hotel rooms and bad dance moves!! If you're a go-with-the-flow, Type B, I-just-wanna-be-done-wedding-planning-so-we-can-finally-party kind of couple we might be the right team for you!

P.S. Everything you see on this site is a REAL WEDDING! :)